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Use search engine on top of page to the right using keyword of searched product. Word is searched as in name of product and also in description of product.


  1. From menu choose product You want to order.
  2. Click on „Order now” and contact form will open to send us e-mail and we will contact You.


After receiving order confirmation You will receive information about delivery. For payment there are two options.

  1. Payment in cash if receiving delivery in warehouse or receiving delivery on special agreed conditions at agreed address. With delivery You will receive purchase documents.
  2. Bank payment. By ordering please show that You want to pay the order by Bank transfer. By e-mail You will receive Proforma invoice to make payment. With delivery You will receive Invoice. Delivery will be made only after money will be on our account. From Estonia and Lithuania using Swedbank money will arrive in one day.
    Suggestion: In Lithuania and Estonia use transfer in national currency from Swedbank to Swedbank where costs are lowest.
  3. By special agreement other Money transfer - Western Union etc.


For precise order documentation (proforma invoice, invoice) we need following information: Name, Surname, personal code, delivery address.


There is option to receive goods in Warehouse (see Contacts). For additional charge there is possible delivery to agreed address. When ordering please indicate to which address You want delivery to be sent. Additional costs will be added to invoice.

  1. Baltic States - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

    For purchases under 300 EUR delivery costs depend on size and weight, about 5 – 25 EUR.

    For purchases over 300 EUR delivery is free.

  2. Other world

    To find out delivery costs to rest of world please contact consultants. For more precise delivery costs additional information is needed – address, delivery speed etc.

    Delivery of every purchase can be discussed to have best conditions which are acceptable for both sides.

    Possible delivery is by post, autopost or delivering with any of transports drivers or attendants.


We are very happy that You are buying goods from We are doing our best for purchase to fit Your preference and buying would leave only positive emotions.

Forward-looking customer always thinks about warranties so please read this carefully:

  1. goods are with producer warranty!
  2. Producers warranty can be different for various goods. Product can be without warranty, 3 month or longer warranty. See information about warranty in description of product or ask consultants.
  3. Remember – producers warranty is valid if You can show purchase documents.
  4. Producers warranty is not valid if:
    • goods serial numbers are destroyed or You have tried to solve defect Yourself;
    • damage accured from flood, storm, lightning, fire or earthquake;
    • damage accured from insects, liquid or foreign body entering;
    • You have used non standart repair tools or spare parts. Or used materials which are not licenced from producer to use with Product and if that have caused damage;
    • damage accured from too fast temperature change or due to other outside factors.