About us

With increasing demand for bikes and parts www.trialsmaster.net page was established on 2009.

Mission and vision

Trialsmaster.net mission is to serve customers in Europe and other parts of World. Our biggest capital is trials knowledge.

Trialsmaster.net vision – modern seller with good reputation, who offers high level riding equipment and also entry level equipment for beginners.


 Name: SIA “Formica Velox”
Phone: +371 29 454 272
E-mail: info@trialsmaster.net
Address: “Zemdegas”-5, Ugāle, Ventspils novads, LV-3615, Latvija
Delivery address: “Zemdegas”-5, Ugāle, Ventspils novads, LV-3615, Latvija
Registration Nr.: 40103199341
EU VAT payers Nr:  LV40103199341
IBAN account Nr.: LV17HABA0551022787630
Bank AS Swedbank