Chaenomeles japonica juice bag in box, pasteurized – 5l

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Mechanically pressed from Chaenomeles japonica (japanese quince) fruit, pasteurised to ensure longer storage time.

No extra sugar and preservatives added.

Bag in box package hermetic faucet allows to store the juice longer time also after opening it.


Ideas for consumption and usage:

– mix with water in proportions at least 1:10. 1 parts juice, 10 parts water. Add sugar to the taste. Excellent refreshment;

– prepare syrup;

– freeze juice in ice cubes and add to drink;

– add to drink in place of citric acid;

– use for marinades or kitchen experiments, for sauces for example.


After opening the seal of the package suggested to use within14 days.


100g of product

Energy value 238kJ/56kcal

Fats 0,1g, saturated fatty acids 0g.

Carbohydrates 13,4g, from them sugars 13,4g.

Fiber 0g,

Proteins 0,4g,

Salt 0g.

Additional information

Weight 5000 g


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